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welcome summer and new favorites..

June 21, 2008


i’ve been busy that past couple of months and have forgotten owlparty a bit but never all the lovely things to find on etsy…so here are my most recent favorites… from tanis alexis…these felted wonders… the felt tree edith the blue rabbit *************************************************************************** here are some cute stuffies from la pomme.. the sailboat from marseille […]

february 25

February 26, 2008


lovelies to share, as always… hare in dress jacket by yellow monday (blog) (lovely illustrations, remind me of gorey a bit…) ******************************************************** beautiful experiment by viva photography (flickr) ******************************************************** sudden harmony by kandi shop (blog) (a new fave of mine) ******************************************************* the giving tree by angela petsis (website) ******************************************************** dig deeper by my folk lover […]

bloggy blog blogs…

February 15, 2008


i’ve been on the search lately for some lovely blogs. as i find the ones i truly like, i’ve been adding them to the “discover” blogroll categorey. since i am excited about them, i’ll just post them here as well! so…ahem…”discover” these if you haven’t already: chet and dot dollface design forest eyes kandi blog […]


February 11, 2008


as this week has the honor of having valentine’s day in it, i thought i would take a little look at a few sweet things etsy has to offer for a lovely heart day…. from the black apple, as long as i have you print (how sweet is this and i totally want that little […]


February 8, 2008


last year, i picked up a wonderful little book by neil gaiman, coraline. it was delightful read, a darkly imaginative story that was right up my alley. it’s a story of a little girl who moves into a flat with her parents. the new flat has twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. soon after they move […]

more lovelies…

February 6, 2008


printed vintage moth sachets by jekbot ********************************************************* the octopus’s garden by annejulie  ****************************************************** quiet emerald original framed art by clevernettle  ****************************************************** dark woods – original paper theatre by little robot ****************************************************** penny-farthing for your thoughts by irene suchocki ****************************************************** knitty, knitty by ashley g  ******************************************************* delicate heart – jointed paper doll by wool and water […]

seahorse, come my way

June 25, 2007


there are a TON of great indie little websites out there (for a list of some, see my kaboodle indie shoppes list) but this little site, charcoal designs has this darling little seahorse set. yes, i have to admit, it’s on my kaboodle wish list. seahorse set, $18 (brooch only, $14) from i highly […]